In addition to production incentives for producers filming in Malaysia, the country also offers quite a number of inviting prospects. Its resemblance to other places in Asia has made it a target as a substitute location. In addition, it offers many filming locations from both historic and modern eras.

Filming Permits

Malaysia is a film-friendly country with a simple process of obtaining permits. There are no major restrictions. Crews planning a Bollywood production for example will find the process of obtaining filming permits relatively easy. Getting permits for producers from other countries is also straightforward with the help of our Malaysian film fixers. Get in touch with us if you need information about filming in Malaysia.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Journalists and media companies looking to cover news pieces and reports within the country will find it relatively easy to work here. Both the Government and private institutions are receptive towards foreign journalists when the situation allows it. With some help from our local Malaysian fixers, you should be able to easily find your way around and get to locations and contributors for your work.

Tax Incentive

The Malaysian Government offers a tax rebate of 30% for international feature films, documentaries, TV production, animations and commercials that qualify for it.