Fixer Malaysia is a one-stop-shop for foreign journalists and filmmakers looking to do work in our country. Our team is able to sort any production-related issues. From general research to finding contributors and arranging logistics, our production fixers cover everything.

Filming in Malaysia is definitely something most international producers should consider. Our country has hosted several Bollywood movies in the distant and recent past. More recently, Malaysia has also played host to international TV series like Marco Polo. Moreover, it was the location for the more recent Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians.

Location Scouting

Fixer Malaysia can act as a fully-fledged production company to make production easy and affordable. Our team of film fixers can work autonomously to handle locations, permits and general issues. Additionally, we assist with hiring crew members, rent gear and sort logistics.

Crew Sourcing

Malaysia offers a small but qualified pool of local crews. You can get directors, still photographers and directors of photography for hire within the country. You should be able to find most of the key crew you need for production within the country. Highly technical crew members may need to be brought in from places like Singapore and Thailand. There are English-speaking local crew and talent in Malaysia with experience working on international productions.

Equipment Hire

You can easily get standard top-quality cameras and other production equipment locally. If you need additional gear, you can easily bring it in from Singapore, which is connected to Malaysia via a land bridge and is just four hours away from the capital Kuala Lumpur by road.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Foreign journalists are welcome in Malaysia. Although there are restrictions, the country can still be considered relatively safe for international journalists.

Our Malaysian fixers are able to help you work your way around the country and make the most out of the news piece or current affairs report you have in mind.

General Production Support

No matter the type of production and its scale, Fixer Malaysia can put together all the needed logistics and manpower. We deliver just as well as regular production companies at a fraction of the cost.